About Us

CONCEPT – An idea of what something is, or how it works; something conceived in the mind.
AUTOMATED – to apply the principle of automation
This is who we are! Taking the general idea of how something works or how you want something to work and applying automation to it.
Automating systems and technology is the primary focus of what we do and our determination to improve comfort, convenience, security, and manage energy means the utmost in how we do business.

Concepts Automated is a U.S Veteran family owned small business and we work in both Residential and Commercial Automation Systems, Home Theater, Energy Management, and Security Systems. Our services can be found on our Services page. It is about sharing our love for technology and educating people on the importance of controls and automation as well as exposing the benefits that come along with it.

At Concepts Automated, our mission is to provide outstanding quality and service to all that are embracing the future through technology and automation. We strive to bridge the gap between the smart building and the smart home. Taking experience gained from commercial applications and the finesse required in residential applications, our highly skilled team can make any integration seamless. Educating people on systems management through automation is one of our driving focuses.

Concepts Automated, specializes in commercial and residential automation, security, entertainment technology and applications. Our primary focus is to improve comfort, security, convenience, and energy efficiency for your Manhattan home or business using the latest technology. We aim to help you bring your home or business entertainment and media center dreams to a reality.

Our highly skill team has years of experience in home theater installation and home/office automation solutions. Concepts Automated was founded as its owners recognized a need for affordable services without sacrificing quality and efficiency. We aim to provide smart home theater installation on another level with convenience and ease you’ve never imagined.


Innovations & New Technologies

We strive to embrace technology and study it to offer the most innovative products in the market. 

High Performance and Quality 

The Future is in automation, and we are committed in helping you get there. 

Strong Professionals in Our Team

Any Structure is only as good as its foundation. Integrity and Honesty are at our corner stone. 

At Concepts Automated we work hard, and on ever project uphold our Core Values.  As U.S Veteran owned business we uphold the standards of Honor, Courage, and Commitment!